Hall Bros Coventry

Halls Drive

Halls Drive is a superb new development of properties for rent, designed specifically for the over-fifty-fives, yet with provision for active professionals.

The development is divided into three phases, the first of which consists of apartments for those people who qualify for affordable rents. Each apartment has carpeted floors, maple timber planned kitchens, substantial living accommodation and either one or two bedrooms.

There are lifts provided for access to the three and two storey blocks where necessary and in general the build is of the highest quality, in accordance with Hall Bros policy of building for tenant satisfaction, low maintenance and long life of construction components.

These apartments are highly energy efficient, having heavily insulated walls and roof space, argon filled double glazing and the very latest solar energy provision, enabling substantial reductions in service charges.

The heating to the apartments is provided by modern, highly efficient, night storage heaters on an energy saving tariff which provides a substantial level of day and night warm throughout the apartment. Hot water is provided by direct hot water cylinders on a suitably efficient tariff.